Small Business Saturday: How Private Credit Supports Local Communities

Each year during Thanksgiving weekend, Small Business Saturday celebrates the important contributions small businesses make in their communities by encouraging customers to support businesses on Main Street by shopping local. Small businesses are the engine that drives the American economy forward, creating jobs and energizing communities.

Many small and mid-sized businesses face challenges accessing traditional financing options in today’s economy. Private credit has emerged as a lifeline, providing credit to businesses that need it. In fact, across the United States, private credit funds provide $716 billion to businesses of all sizes, helping entrepreneurs create new jobs, develop new projects, purchase equipment, build facilities, and innovate.

  • In Pennsylvania, private credit funds provide businesses with $29.7 billion, paving the way for job creation and new business ventures.
  • Small and mid-size businesses in Missouri rely on $11.1 billion in private credit to upgrade their equipment and expand their operations.
  • Private credit funds provide Georgia businesses of all sizes with over $4.9 billion to invigorate local economies and communities.

Private credit funds are key partners fueling the success of small and mid-size businesses across the country. Interested in learning more about how private credit funds support business in your community? Visit