Massachusetts Needs Hedge Funds to Help Fuel Our Economy

Key Takeaways

  1. Hedge funds help provide critical capital to small businesses to fuel their operations and growth
  2. Private funds have the ability to navigate all market conditions and deliver returns on investments even during tumultuous times.
  3. Private funds contribute $716 billion in credit to businesses of all sizes.

Private funds help encourage innovation for small and mid-sized businesses, allowing companies to develop new ways to deliver the products and services their consumers rely on. In her recent op-ed for the Patriot Ledger, Lara Brait explains how private investment funds support small businesses in Massachusetts communities. Key excerpts can be found below.

“These financial tools help provide critical capital to companies across the South Shore, enabling them to grow their operations and hire more workers. This is more important than ever as we enter a period of economic uncertainty and, potentially, a recession in the next year or two.”

“Instead of pretending that hedge funds and other large financial institutions are harming local businesses, politicians should be honest that they work in concert and both benefit from pro-growth, pro-business policies. A booming economy helps large, medium, and small businesses. Likewise, a bad economy will hurt the Fortune 500 and the corner store.”