Small and Mid-Size American Businesses

Private Credit Funds Support Business Growth

Supporting American businesses of all sizes looking to expand, innovate, and compete in today’s global economy.

Private credit funds provide $716 billion in private credit to American businesses of all sizes, supporting job creation, research and development, and economic growth in all fifty states. The injection of private capital helps business owners and entrepreneurs hire talent, invest in costly projects, purchase equipment, build facilities, and innovate.

Following the 2008 global financial crisis, many banks decreased lending to small and mid-size companies. Private credit funds have filled this gap, providing a lifeline to U.S. businesses that wouldn’t otherwise be able to access capital to fuel their growth.

Private credit is a vital resource to the companies that serve as the backbone of the U.S. economy—creating opportunities for workers and strengthening communities across the country.


Private credit funds provide California start ups with the capital needed to scale.


Private credit funds provide New York businesses with the capital needed to build new facilities.


Private credit funds provide Pennsylvania businesses with the capital needed to hire more workers.

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