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Hedge Funds Support Charities

Helping to Fund Missions that Change the Lives of Individuals

Prominent nonprofit organizations nationwide invest approximately $440 billion in hedge funds to help support mission-critical research and development projects. Nonprofits, charitable foundations, and hospital endowments invest more than half a trillion dollars in hedge funds to deliver returns that can make a difference and have a positive impact on lives in the communities they serve.
The Medical University of South Carolina Foundation invests


in hedge funds to support endowed professorships, scholarships, and the acquisition and development of campus facilities to serve student, teaching, research or clinical needs.
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio invests


in hedge funds to transform healthcare, train caregivers, and advance cutting-edge medical discovery.
The Andre Agassi Foundation for Education in Nevada invests


in hedge funds to provide educational opportunities and resources to underserved populations with a focus on children.

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