Located in Nearly All 50 States, Hedge Funds Provide Reliable Returns

Across the country, hedge funds and other alternative asset managers help make our economy work. Institutional investors like pensions, university endowments, and charitable foundations rely on investments in hedge funds to secure and create opportunities for workers, students, and communities.

These critical investments are not just managed on Wall Street. According to Hedge Fund Alert’s 2023 data published last month, 49 out of 50 states have hedge funds that actively contribute resources to support local communities nationwide.

The positive impact of investments in hedge funds can be felt in

Institutional investors allocate private credit, crossover funds, and other alternative asset managers, because, unlike other pooled funds, they protect investors from market volatility and downturns by providing reliable, uncorrelated returns regardless of market conditions. This enables pensions, foundations, and endowments to continuously serve their beneficiaries across the country, even during down markets.

Learn more about how institutional investors like pensions, colleges and universities, and nonprofit organizations in all 50 states benefit from investments in hedge funds at investinginopportunity.org.