Hedge Funds Deliver for North Carolina’s Retirees, Students, and Charities

Key Takeaways

  1. The returns on investments in hedge funds are critical to supporting the livelihoods of thousands of everyday North Carolinians.
  2. For nonprofits, the returns are essential in continuing the mission-critical work they provide.
  3. Hedge funds deliver $5.7 billion for North Carolina nonprofits.

Public pensions, university endowments, and nonprofits depend on hedge funds, who provide much-needed financial stability. Hedge funds grow the investments made by these institutions, improving the lives of thousands of North Carolinians in the process. In an opinion piece for NC Political News, former Carrabus County Commissioner Robert Freeman explains how hedge funds work for North Carolina.

“It’s not just universities and retirement plans that invest in hedge funds. Nonprofits and charities, which communities in North Carolina depend on. Organizations such as the Golden LEAF foundation invest $346 million in hedge funds on behalf of rural communities, who are often left by the wayside in economic development initiatives.”

“Lawmakers should embrace the tools that foster a brighter future in North Carolina instead of putting up more barriers.”