Hedge Funds are Essential to Our Financial Stability

Key Takeaways

  1. By providing for pensions, hedge funds support financial independence and stability among retirees.
  2. Regulatory overreach threatens teachers and firefighters.
  3. One of Arizona’s largest pension funds invests more than $ 1 billion in hedge funds on behalf of its beneficiaries.

Across Arizona, hedge funds deliver for retirement security, college education, and nonprofits through $11.5 billion in investments. These investments allow Arizonians to plan for retirement and grow educational opportunities. In his recent op-ed for the Goodyear Independent, Brannon Hampton explains how these investments are critical to supporting pensions and college endowments in Arizona. Key excerpts can be found below.

“The returns go directly to Arizona’s retired first responders, such as EMTs, law enforcement and firefighters. We’ve relied on these professionals so much over the past several years, as they’ve served as our first line of defense against rebounding crises. The least our policymakers can do for them is to make sure their pensions aren’t at risk to score political points.”

“The tools hedge funds use to support pensions and scholarships may be complex, but the role of hedge funds is not. It’s time for Washington to understand that hedge funds work for Main Street, and all Arizonans stand to benefit from these critical financial tools.”