Pensions Provide Financial Peace of Mind for Teachers

Teachers are some of our greatest public servants, working day in and day out to educate and nurture the next generation. With a new school year well underway, their important work inspires curiosity and instills a love of learning for millions of students around the country. After years of shaping future leaders and problem solvers, educators deserve financial security during retirement.

Pensions are an important benefit to help teachers make their transition to a well-earned retirement. Pension plans across the country invest approximately $744 billion in hedge funds. This investment helps generate reliable returns that provide steady retirement income for millions of teachers and other public service workers. Pension fund investments in hedge funds ensure that our teachers have peace of mind throughout their careers and into retirement. In fact, teachers in all 50 states benefit:

  • The Florida State Board of Administration invests $21.6 billion to support its 1,043,152 plan participants in the Sunshine State.
  • The Virginia Retirement System invests $11 billion for more than 621,094 plan participants in the Old Dominion State.
  • The Oregon State Treasury invests $8.2 billion for more than 160,466 plan participants in the Beaver State.
  • The Public School Retirement System of Missouri investments $4.9 billion to ensure retirement security for 161,862 plan participants.
  • The Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System invests $1.7 billion to benefit over 60,000 plan participants in the Grand Canyon State.

These investments provide peace of mind and financial security for teachers long after they’ve finished their careers. Interested in learning more about how investments in hedge funds support retirees in all 50 states? Visit