Don’t Let Washington Take Money Away From North Carolina’s Retirement Funds

Key Takeaways

  1. For many retirees, their pensions are their only source of income.
  2. Pensions and hedge funds help benefit tens of thousands of North Carolinians.
  3. In total, North Carolina pension funds invest more than $14 billion in hedge funds.

Pensions and retirement funds, including those in North Carolina, rely on investments in hedge funds to provide a secure retirement to their beneficiaries. North Carolina State Senator Jim Perry explains how retirees across North Carolina benefit from investments in hedge funds in an op-ed for NC Political News. Key excerpts can be found below.

“Certain policymakers and regulators appear content to sacrifice their constituents’ pension checks for political grandstanding, which is precisely what they’re doing by targeting hedge funds.”

“Hedge funds and active managers utilize sophisticated, complex investment strategies that are tailored to the needs and parameters of each of their clients. If regulators force their way in between hedge funds and their investors, pension funds’ investments and the balance of the overall free market will be at stake.”