There’s No Excuse to Overregulate the Economy – Especially Not Now

Key Takeaways

  1. Increased regulation of hedge funds won’t fix our financial markets.
  2. Short selling can help reflect a more accurate price for the rest of the market, promoting accurate pricing and reducing stock bubbles.
  3. Embracing the mechanisms the U.S. financial markets depend on and their greater impact on everyday Americans is key to a fast and full economic recovery.

Hedge funds are essential in providing for students, retirees, and those who depend on charitable organizations. In his letter to the The Bismarck Tribune, Mike Fedorchak, director of the North Dakota chapter of Americans for Prosperity, emphasizes the issues that stem from increased regulation of hedge funds. Key excerpts can be found below.

“Using one irregular case to justify increasing government intervention isn’t smart economic policy, yet Congress still spent time tweeting and holding hearings about GameStop and short selling.”

“Hedge funds are an essential financial tool that provide impressive and reliable returns on investments. This consistency is exactly why retirement funds, colleges and university endowments, and nonprofits nationwide invest more than $1.4 trillion in hedge funds.”