In defense of hedge funds

Thousands of Nevadans rely on hedge funds to secure their retirement goals and to support the charitable foundations that provide mission critical work for communities across the state. Jennie Kim, a financial advisor with EmpowHer planning, explains the benefit hedge funds have in Nevada in an op-ed for the Nevada Independent. Key excerpts can be found below.

“Hedge funds are a critical component of our financial system, working to secure retirement goals and charitable benefits that thousands of Nevadans rely on. Pensions and nonprofits invest in hedge funds to solidify their financial future. Hedge funds support Nevada’s economy by using sophisticated research to grow investments over time. Our elected officials cannot take these tools away and harm Nevada as we emerge from an economic calamity.”

“For over 20 years, I have helped professionals and business owners with their financial and business planning using a holistic approach. In order to be fully holistic, I have to help my clients navigate the complex worlds of finance, investment, retirement and asset protection planning. My experience in this business has shown me how vital it is to plan for retirement. And while Nevada’s workers can save as much money as possible, it’s hedge funds that secure the savings for many of our state’s retirees.”