Hedge Funds Benefit Everyday Americans

Hedge funds may work on Wall Street, but they benefit Main Street. Across the country, millions of Americans benefit from investments in hedge funds through pensions, nonprofits and foundations, colleges and universities, and private credit to small and mid-size businesses. These investments make a positive difference for millions of Americans.

Key Takeaways

  1. Hedge funds help provide retirement security for 26 million Americans across the country.
  2. Investments in hedge funds support nonprofits and small businesses that create opportunities in local communities.
  3. College and university students rely on investments in hedge funds to help keep tuition costs down.


[00.00-00.04]: Hedge funds may work on Wall Street, but they benefit Main Street.

[00.04-00.15]: 26 million workers, including teachers, firefighters, and police officers across the country, rely on the active investment strategies from hedge funds to help grow their pensions for retirement.

[00.16-00.22]: Why? Because these investments help reduce risk and market volatility for pension plans, providing retirement security and peace of mind.

[00.23-00.32]: Some of your favorite nonprofits are able to make a big difference in local communities thanks to the reliable returns generated by investments with alternative asset managers.

[00.32-00.44]: Colleges and universities also invest with hedge funds. These institutions rely on alternative investments to diversify their portfolios and generate returns regardless of whether the market is up or down.

[00.45-00.51]: This allows investors like colleges to further expand educational opportunities for students and keep tuition costs down.

[00.51-01.01]: From state to state, hedge funds benefit Main Street, help to fuel our economy, and make a difference for millions of Americans. Learn more about hedge funds at managedfunds.org.