Hedge Fund Investments Help NC’s Colleges

College and university endowments in North Carolina invest in hedge funds as part of their mission to grant scholarships to college students, which helps preserve affordable tuition costs. Dr. Ada Fisher explains the value that hedge funds provide for students in North Carolina in an op-ed for The Salisbury Post. Key excerpts can be found below.

“The connection between hedge funds and college scholarships may not be well known, but it is vital for many North Carolina students. Any misguided regulatory proposals aimed at hedge funds will ultimately hurt these students, potentially thwarting their college aspirations before they begin.”

“Hedge funds have often been unfairly maligned as faceless Wall Street suits. Don’t listen to the internet message boards and misguided politicians; this portrayal couldn’t be further from the truth. Hedge funds are Wall Street institutions whose work has direct, tangible benefits for North Carolinians, including first-generation college students and aid to the debt burden of many seeking education.”