Raising Taxes On Hedge Funds Will Only Hurt Investors

Key Takeaways

  1. Organizations in Utah like the University of Utah Endowment Fund and Westminster College invest $306 million on behalf of thousands of students.
  2. Nonprofits also invest significantly in hedge funds, with $5.1 billion delivered to communities across the state.
  3. “Hedge funds are important actors in our economic system that work and deliver for ordinary Americans.”

Lawmakers should recognize the unintended consequences of punitive tax policies impacting hedge funds: less financial security for Utah college endowments and charities. Learn more in this letter to the editor published in the Standard Examiner. Key excerpts can be found below.

“Legislative attempts aimed at curtailing hedge fund activity would only hurt their underlying investors: pensions, non-profits, and university endowments.”

“Hedge funds employ sophisticated market investment strategies to ensure that their institutional investors, groups like Westminster College and Best Friends Animal Society, are financially secure and can continue to serve their communities.”