North Carolina Charities Rely on Hedge Funds

Key Takeaways

  1. Charities rely on hedge fund investments to support communities and those that depend on them.
  2. By targeting hedge funds, misguided regulators are going after charities that can scarcely afford extra burdens.
  3. North Carolina’s Golden LEAF foundation relies on hedge fund investments to support rural communities.

Nonprofits in North Carolina invest in hedge funds to help support the communities they serve. These investments allow nonprofits to continue their vital work across the Tar Heel State. Daryl Oliver examines the essential role investments in hedge funds play for North Carolina foundations and nonprofits in an op-ed for NC Political News. Key excerpts can be found below.

“While individual donations are essential, the reality is they aren’t enough to keep nonprofits in operation. Many don’t know that nonprofits often invest in hedge funds to fill this gap in funding, and unfortunately, the vital role that hedge funds play is actively threatened.”

“Our elected officials often claim to care about those in need the same way nonprofits do. They need to craft public policy that preserves nonprofits’ investments in hedge funds if that’s true. These investments are a surefire way to change people’s lives for the better and bring them closer together in times of need.”