Investments in Hedge Funds Help Ensure Access to Higher Education

Key Takeaways

  1. College is becoming more and more expensive. Hedge funds help keep costs down for students.
  2. Many scholarships are connected to endowments that invest in hedge funds on behalf of their students.
  3. Hedge investments work for North Carolina students pursuing a higher education.

Not everyone has the same access to the opportunities higher education provides. University endowments in North Carolina invest in hedge funds in order to provide scholarships for thousands of aspiring students. John Hendley explains the important role investments in hedge funds play for North Carolina communities in an op-ed for NC Political News. Key excerpts can be found below.

“As the sticker price of college tuition has increased, more and more students are turning to scholarships and financial aid options to achieve their academic dreams. Hedge funds work for the endowments that create these scholarships by maximizing their market portfolios, ultimately passing the returns on to students.”

“We can’t let Washington policymakers, some of whom have a fundamental misunderstanding of hedge funds, dictate bad rules and regulations that target hedge funds. Policymakers and regulators need to understand what’s at stake if hedge funds go away: opportunity for thousands of potential students and for North Carolina.”